Haein Kang

Null Point

The Critic Review

Distinguishing between right and wrong. Making a discrimination between likes and dislikes. Like this, sometimes it is very hard to make a decision or assert something. Since we have lots of different thought and feel various kind of emotions, we can't express our thought or feeling with just a few words. People express the same emotion in many different ways, and sometimes people have mixed feelings about things. And sometimes time turns sad to happy, or make people forget the thought that they had at that moment. That is, our life is a continuous process of change. Due to the change, our life is unstable and hard to define. However, for that reason, our life can be dynamic. The work of Haein Kang also lives a dynamic life just like the continuous process of change.

Haein Kang creates not still images but nonpermanent/variable thoughts in a space. Usually, paintings deal with spatial illusion in two dimension. However, the works of Haein Kang portray the thoughts and emotion in three dimensions. The space which is created by Haein Kang is not a general three-dimensional space. It is a mixed space where one, two and three-dimensional spaces coexist.
Defend on the audience's view, springs used in the work of Haein Kang can be considered as the space where one, two and three-dimensional spaces coexist. Line from a dot keeps curve with regular intervals, and takes a shape of cylinder. The spring can be seen as a line or a face. It looks like a face, however, it is a shape of empty cylinder which consists of lines in real. Also the spring, which is one of the elastic substances, return to its original shape after an outside force is removed. With the effort of the artist, the spring goes on a connected structure and is created as a new space which crosses between flat surface and three-dimensional form. The connected structure of spring is based on the accurate mathematical calculations & interaction of power between things.

'Null Point', which is a large installation work, is connected with springs. With the connection, it forms huge walls like a net-shape. And these walls form a huge maze by taking open & closed wall form and shape. When visitors enter the exhibition hall, they pass through this maze. The walls which are connected with springs are blocked spatially, but lie open visually. And it throws visitors into forked road with gray zone of in & out. In the center of maze, artist installs a compass. However, the compass does not needle an exact direction, it just reacts to the movement of visitors. Visible but blocked road. Compass which does not needle a direction. They seem like our contradict life which are sewn with joy and sorrow, love and hate etc.
As going through the maze, the visitors will have various physical experience. The walls made with springs are not fixed firmly, that is, the maze is kind of floating. It reacts, moves according to the wind and motion of visitors. These movements result form connecting relationships, and the motility of spring adds tension. Springs which have metallicity make a sound by hitting, and give a cold texture by touching the skin of visitors. Visitors occupy the space and let there imagination run with physical changes and exercise.

The work of Haein Kang which originates from a spring varies through the connection process and action of the force. The strained relations and connection structure of the power which spring has are based on the own characters and nature of the material. The connection point between springs is much the same with coordinate point in math. As point of force application shifts the position, the spring has various shapes and changes. Without compression and collapse, it keeps its own shape. It can be called as space drawing. Although this space drawing work seems to be generated accidentally, actually it shows the principle of force, harmony, order and balance which exists inside.
Also the structure which is based on hexagon cube form can be considered a work which reveals these principle of changes and balance very well. It makes visitor imagine a space which less stand out comparing with 'Null Point' or drawings. The spaces lie open as communicating each other. They live with their own vitality by crossing between various dimensions and thoughts. It makes things which are beyond the visibility seen. It stimulates our sense and makes us project imagination further away.

There is a word 'complementarities'. In physical terms, complementarity is the idea that might be described as supplementary in brief. Elements seek others with characteristics that are different from and complement their own. By pulling each other to opposite way, they cause tension. However, if there is no dragging from opposite, the elements can not have any power and can not keep themselves. There can not be love without hate. if there is no hate, love would not exist. Love can't exist without hate. Paradox and contradiction make us laugh and cry at the same time. Like this, lots of things and emotion influence and connect each other in the world. As springs interact with each other and make a form, our life is a huge work made from high tension of power.

BY Sun Jung Shin, Curator of Noam Gallery

October 2013 Last Updated.
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