Haein Kang

Home 2

Home I

The two different conditions in the world,
Which are antagonistic to each other,

Before and After
Light and Darkness
Presence and Absence
Nothingness and Being...

Are ever present in all things,
As they repeat their interchange,
They repeat their interchange,
They influence the present state of all things, and call into existence.
During their continuous exchanges
As one "twilights" and the other "dawns,"
Everything we know.

Inside the room entitled "Home 2"

The continuous exchange of
The two opposing physical experiences of space.
As light repeats it advance and retreat,
Calls forth the full spectrum of awareness.

The Critic Review

The installation ‘Home 2’ uses a long rope, a simple pulley system, darkness, and glow-in-the-dark paint to animate the physical dimensions of the North Gallery in San Francisco Art Commission Gallery. This low-tech installation makes the gallery itself the artistic focus; it dimensions are embellished and the space, otherwise hidden in the dark, becomes something ethereal and enchanting.

A similar language holds art and architecture in tandem and in this dialog spatiality is primary. Today, the two disciplines continue to overlap. Refusing to stay put artists and architects alike are jumping over the fences of their respective fields to explore what’s happening on the other side. To encourage a more integrated and interdisciplinary approach to the way buildings are made and space in understood would significantly improve the built environment and, at the same time, move the spaces we occupy into cognitive relevance as opposed to surroundings we simply accept at face value.

Julie Deamer / an independent Curator


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