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Study Works

Recollective Column

Some fold a paper boat and let it float with their wish.
Others leaves a note in a bottle and throw the bottled wish into a river.
< Recollective Column > is planed to float someone's wish to running water.
When people send their wish to the column via cellphone, < Recollective Column > will project the message to a river.


Hainling Distance

Haein Kang prefer low-tech machinery over high-tech electronics in showing spectators her thoughts or emotions triggered by personal experience as variable and flexible phenomena. In this exhibition also, Kang shows the position of humans wandering in the urban structure through a formative space installation made with pipes, under the tile "Hailing Distance." In a strict sense, this work is not direct display of hyper-reality. But Kang's fragmental arrangement of senses, based on interactive technology, produces an irony of enabling spectators to sense reality derivatives of the matrix encounters in the space from the probabilities of individual experiences.

By Dircter Seung Hoon Lee/Cyart Space



The substance of digital image is the number. Each pixel has its own numerical value.
< Pink > is a real time video processing work. The first video frame drifts the right a pixel by pixel.
This video shows the process of gradually changing images from representational to color-field abstract.


Pandora's Box

When you enter the room, it is empty.
After you close a door of the room, a mural is appeared.
The mural is painted with detergent powder,
which glow in the UV light.


Vanishing Point

When you step in a certain point of the room, light are turned off and the UV light is turned on.
Participants could feel the space become deeper than the original architectural condition of the space.
Because the scotch tape makes linear perspective on the wall which faces to the participants.


How to Ride a Bike

There are two parts of the machines,
which is connected by a very thin cable and a spring.
If you revolve the pedal of a machine,
you should hear a buzzer sound from the other part of the machine.


Solo Exhibition

This is a statement about Artist's ego.
Once I had a Solo Exhibition in a Diego Rivera Gallery and I found myself to compete with the master painter Diego.
I tried to face to my ego as an artist.



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