Haein Kang


Haein Kang is a multimedia installation artist working with space and machine. She changes an architectural space to an imagery space by creating some devices. Her installations stimulate physical experience of an audience by using sensing system or sound devices. Her works are completed, when the audience participates.


Curriculum Vitea



2007-2009 PhD course completion, Media Technology, So-gang University, Seoul, Korea.
2001-2003 MFA, New Genres, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA.
1998-2000 MFA, Painting, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.
1992-1996 BFA, Painting, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Null Point, Noam Gallery, Seoul.
2009 Into Drawing09-Circulation, SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul, Korea.
2005 Art is Fun Life is Long, RETURN; Blind Sound Media Art Festival,Gallery BMH, Seoul, Korea.
2003 Stranger in a Foreign Land, Foreigner in a strange Land, Fort Maison CenternSan Francisco, CA, USA.
2002 Home2, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2002 Solo Exhibition, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Weird Science; ISEA2012, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, USA.
2012 Real/Unreal, Cyart Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
2010 Against the Sculptural, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea.
2005 Around a Town, Alternative Space Geonhi by Parkgeonhi Foundation, Seoul, Korea.
2002 Oh-Dang, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2002 Element of Temporary3, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2000 Intersection, Art Side Net Gallery, Seoul
1999 Artificial Paradise, Ganhun Gallery, Seoul, KAIST, Dae-jeon
1998 Cornering, Duk-won Gallery, Seoul
1996 Flying Piggy, Boda Gallery, Seoul

Honors and Awards

2012 Artist Talk; ISEA2012, Albuquerque Natural Science Museum, NM, USA.
2012 Ilhyun Travel Grant, Yang-yang, Korea.
2010 Selected Art Council Korea(ARKO) Archive Artists with grant, Seoul, Korea.
2009 Selected Seoul Olympic Museum of Art Archive Artists, Seoul, Korea.
2002 San Francisco Art Commission juried Award; Construct2, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2002 Murphy Fine art Fellowship, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2001-2003 International Student Grant, San Francisco, CA, USA.


2006-2013 Media & Representation class in Kook-Min University, Seoul, Korea.
2005-2012 Art+Technology, Installation, Research of Visual Image, Form & Function Planing in Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.
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