Haein Kang

Null Point

When participants enter the exhibition hall, they pass through this maze. The walls that are connected with springs are blocked spatially, but lie open visually. This floated maze is a psychological description of a life in the mega city Seoul. It is empty, lost but has to be continued


Everyone generates vapor by drawing one's breath.
A liter of vapor one emits every day.
When drifting vapor meets a heart 20 degrees below zero, it begins to crystallize.

Soothing a Baby

For this sound performance, small electric circuits are designed. Each of circuits has a photocell, amplifier and an 8-ohm speaker. Therefore, depending on the intensity of radiation, frequency is changed and the circuit makes different sound.

When the audience plays with these noise devices actively, this performance is completed.

Home 2

Before and After
Light and Darkness
Presence and Absence
Nothingness and Being...

Stranger in a Foreign Land, Foreigner in a Strange Land

The dynamics of light, sound and individual participation will create the projections of meaningful or meaningless words within the virtual space of the room while participants "ramble" inside the space.

Study Works

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